Jan 3, 2019

Vulnogram - Making the world safer one CVE ID at a time, since 2017.

More than a year ago I published a tool named Vulnogram for creating and editing CVE information in JSON format. JSON is one of the preferred format for exchanging CVE ID assignment information for vulnerabilities.

The name Vulnogram is inspired from Greek origin suffix '-gram' which is used for denoting something written or recorded especially in a certain way. Vulnerability related information when recorded in a standard format can help in aggregation, curation, dissemination, analysis and remediation. This enables automation and efficiency in response activities.

Vulnogram project aims to make it easier for vendors and security researchers to accurately record vulnerability information for inclusion in the CVE List. In other words sharing vulnerability related information should be as easy posting on Instagram!

Vulnogram online edition is accessible at https://vulnogram.github.io/

The code for Vulnogram is hosted on github https://github.com/Vulnogram/Vulnogram


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